Strategic Plan

Progress Toward Our Strategic Plan Goals

As of August 1, 2016

Goal Recommendations for 2016-2018

CASA of the 2nd Judicial District currently meets approximately 38% of the children in need. (See Figure 1 Current Service Rates (2015) for CASA of the 2nd Judicial District)

Service goals, with respect to the number of children provided advocates and the impact of these services (outcomes), should be set and monitored annually.

We recommend that we set the long-range goal of providing CASA volunteers to 68% by December, 2018 (based on newly released statistics of current need of 796 children in the service area). The achievement of this goal will require an increase in staff and financial resources.

CASA Executive Director Donna Bowyer has developed an Action Plan to achieve this goal, considering staff needs and other costs associated with expanding our service.

In Figure 2 below are the proposed service rates for the 2016-2018 time frame. Based upon this recommended rate of service, by the end of 2018 the total service rate for the organization will be 68%.

Please note that in order to develop a plan, the SPC assumed no increase in need, and froze the data at the current level of need of 796 total children in the service area.


 Assumptions based upon recent history:  

  • 80 new children = 26 new volunteers
  • 26 new volunteers = 1 full-time advocate coordinator (AC)
  • 1 full-time advocate coordinator salary and benefits = $40,000