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April 26, 2018 at 7:52am
Working on communication skills this morning in the Shark Tank at State CASA Directors meeting. https://t.co/99nz9350px
April 24, 2018 at 2:01pm
RT @JordnHowington: CASA partnered with Build-A-Bear & AR Community Foundation to start “Friends for Life” Adoption days just became beary…
April 24, 2018 at 8:38am
Only 1 more class remains before 10 new advocates are sworn-in and assigned a case to begin being a voice for a child in foster care!
April 23, 2018 at 3:09pm
Lunch and Learn, this Wednesday at Noon at @MY100BANK on Highland in Jonesboro. Our own @kasatopia will be speaking… https://t.co/vSR3gwUV6O
April 19, 2018 at 12:37pm
It was very nice to meet you today @kdamp ! You are doing great things at Arkansas State University!


April Volunteers of the Month

April VolunteersMary and Miranda are a mother-daughter teams that went thru training together and are working the same case.  They heard about CASA from another advocate and were determined to help children in need. “I have a passion to help children, and it feels like if you can change direction at an early age they would be successful as an adult,” Sellars stated. When asked hat surprised here about CASA work Erickson responded “I was surprised at how this work has softened my heart towards the parents going through this.  I knew I would love the kids and be cheering them on, but I’ve always been a little harsh on adults. I realized without knowing their background story, it is not fair to judge them just by what you see on the surface. “


Their first case involved 7 siblings who all experienced some type of trauma. “It was a very complicated case, but rewarding and the kids were so sweet,” stated Sellars. They have since worked on two additional cases and continue to be a strong voice for children in foster care.


When asked what the best thing about being a CASA is Erickson said “My favorite thing is how much I’ve learned. It changes your heart and makes you look at life and people in a different light. It is one of the most rewarding things I’ve done.  They both encouraged others to look into becoming a CASA advocate and being someone a child in foster care can trust to help them out.

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A Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteer is a trained citizen who is appointed by a judge to represent the best interest of an abused and neglected child in court.



CASA of the 2nd Judicial District Arkansas is working to provide a volunteer advocate for every child who needs one. Your support will bring us one step closer to achieving that goal.


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