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Volunteer Spotlight - Viola Henderson

Viola Henderson

Meet Viola Henderson!

Viola joined our program in August of 2019.  She had volunteered in her community with issues facing women but less directly with children for the past 15 years.  In her nursing class, Viola had the opportunity to hear from a speaker recruiting for CASA advocates.  This presentation talked about the role of CASA, the importance of that role, and it led her to take her volunteer work in a new direction to, hopefully, make a greater impact. This planted a seed and upon graduation, she decided it was time to take the leap!

Viola’s greatest love in life is being a mom and she cares deeply about the world we leave our children.  Viola loves to laugh and to be around people that make her laugh.  She loves to bowl but says that she rarely gets the ball down the aisle unless the ramps are up, which she says, proves she is not a sore loser! Viola has always been a caretaker so it’s no wonder life lead her to become a nurse which she says is a blessing to be paid to do something that she loves to do and has done freely her whole life.  Viola lives for game night and a really good suspense novel.  She looks forward to the time when her children are older, and she could have time to buy a telescope and see the sky from around the world; maybe take an astronomy course!

When we talked about her first case, Viola shared that there is definitely a learning curve.  She was nervous about messing up a court report or not knowing what questions to ask.  Viola states, “ I remember feeling heartbroken watching the kids go to a different foster home or being separated from each other. I also remember the relief of seeing them go home and sleep in their own beds.  You don’t know what the future hold, so you hope you’ve advocated at your best for the kids you are responsible for .”

Viola says not a lot has surprised her, so far, because the training prepared her expectations.

When asked about her favorite part of her CASA experience, Viola shared the following; “ Visiting and talking with the kids is my favorite part, hands down! They are goofy and funny and shy and quiet and loud all at the same time. Don’t ask me how that works!” “Viola come to our program eager to take on her new role and has been involved since day one.  I love her love of fun, family, and community.  In Viola’s case, her children are on a trial home placement.  This is such a scary time for everyone.  Parent’s, kids, attorneys, case workers, the Judge, and CASA.  Viola has worked with the situation with respect and concern for the whole family and has kept the whole process a positive experience for the family.  I can’t wait to continue working with her on cases to come.  She is such a huge asset to our program!” shares Advocate Supervisor, Angela Tate.